What Is Predictive Maintenance And Preventive Maintenance

What is predictive maintenance?

Predictive maintenance is used to find a mistake in a machine, with predictive maintenance we easily see all of the problems in the machine and after finding the problem we can find the solution in an easy way, predictive maintenance is very important for every machine, we can't do the work if we are not doing predictive Maintenance, the machine was given you the notification like machine temperature, machine oiling, the vibration of the machine, noise of the machine, etc with the all notification of machine you can stop the breakdown of machine, you can easily change the part of the after knowing the testing of the machine. 

we can only do predictive maintenance just before the breakdown. Predictive maintenance was a great problem solver of the machine, your machine really need the mostly checking about stopping the break down of machine, everyone client of your company is don't want that their machine life was short,  with the predictive maintenance technologies your machine will be fine as it is, you just need to do the vibration analysis for predictive maintenance, and you can do it this task with the vibration sensor of predictive maintenance, and you can get the easy predictive maintenance solutions. 

Why use predictive maintenance

1. First predictive maintenance is a very helpful and important part of machine breakdown.

2. If you don't want to break down your heavy costly machine you should do predictive maintenance for your machine.

3. As a customer if you doing predictive maintenance so your machine can have a long lifetime

4. With predictive maintenance your work about work became easier.

5. Before the breakdown of the machine your machine testing was perfect so predictive maintenance was workable like the best results of working things.

What is preventive maintenance?

Preventive maintenance is basically the process of preventing of stopping break down of machine, we can do preventive maintenance with the making of schedule for the machine, like oiling different types of sound and vibration of the machine, we can do it schedule vise checking these things in machine-like every week, every month, every year, we can check every single think of machine baring, indicators, connection chacking, with a mentioned time of schedule. 

What is the advantage of preventive maintenance? 

1. This procedure of using preventive maintenance is very easy and inexpensive.

2. Every small technician can easily do this preventive maintenance work.

3. If the preventive maintenance was you can do it perfectly so your machine breaks down was get a less frequent breakdown.

4. Equipment life of becoming the high with the right preventive maintenance

5. Cost-effective level was also less in the right way of preventive maintenance.

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