Kitchen And Bathroom Designers In Auckland NZ

If you're searching for an interior designer to help freshen up your bathroom and kitchen spaces. In this blog, you will look at the designers with the best kitchen and bathroom designs Auckland.

  • DJS Cabinetry
  • Designer Studio
  • Elite Kitchens & Cabinets NZ

DJS Cabinetry

This firm is focused on creating beautiful and elegant Auckland bathroom designs. They provide you with a top-to-bottom development process, starting from the designing process to the final installation.

Here are just some of the services provided by DJS Cabinetry

  • Benchtops

  • New Installations and Renovations

  • Commercial Fit-outs

  • Office Counters

  • Paneling

  • Acoustic Pan

They have more than 25 years of experience and have worked with Designers, Architects from both NZ to international designers. They are situated in the Greater Auckland Area and are ready to serve their customers.

  • DJS Cabinetry

  • Designer Studio

  • Elite Kitchens & Cabinets NZ

Designer Studio

The firm Designer Studio is known for its focus on personalizing the spaces based on clients' vision. When showing off their modern bathroom designs NZ, you can see their immense passion and a focus on creating an environment that feels natural to be in. They have a great selection of bathroom and kitchen designs to choose from.

Some of the services they provide are:

  • Home Additions

  • Kitchen Design

  • Outdoor Kitchen Design

  • Appliance Sales

  • Bathroom Remodeling

  • Bedroom Design

  • Closet Design,

You can hire Designer Studio to get your interior re done, today.

Elite Kitchens & Cabinets NZ

This firm has had quite a portfolio, from designing kitchens and cabinets for million-dollar houses to newly purchased houses. For more than six-decade, they have provided innovative solutions to bathroom designs in Auckland and designed some incredibly stylish kitchens.

Elite Kitchens and Cabinets is known to work with the top-of-the-line suppliers and manufacturers in New Zealand to bring you the best Bathroom experience.


You have now learned about some of the best Bathroom and Kitchen designers in Auckland. Designing the interior of any house is all about bringing your ideas and marrying them with the craft of a professional. You can explore a wide range of options for the design and the materials used to ensure a certain tactile feel is delivered.

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