Why Is CCNA Certification Worth Your Time, Money, And Effort?

Cisco Certified Network Associate or CCNA is an entry-level certification course for understanding the fundamentals of networking. The accreditation is awarded by the worldwide leader in IT & networking, Cisco Systems Inc., and is esteemed across the globe. 

An overview of CCNA certification course

This Cisco networking course aims to prepare candidates for the ever-changing IT landscape. With deeper insights pertaining to network fundamentals, the curriculum is designed to instill agility and versatility for optimizing & managing the most advanced networks in today’s world.

While there is no pre-requisite for CCNA certification, Cisco recommends that the contender should have at least one year of experience in implementing and administering Cisco products & solutions. In addition to this, you will also need to collect the right study material or enroll in CCNA training program for better theoretical understanding.

The CCNA 200-301 exam itself is 120 minutes long, available in English and Japanese languages. Various aspects covered in the certification exam are:

·         Network Fundamentals (20%)

·         Network Access (20%)

·         IP Connectivity (25%)

·         IP Services (10%) s

·         Security Fundamentals (15%)

·         Automation & Programmability (10%)

Cost breakdown for CCNA certification

Cisco certification cost is a sum of exam fees, spending on study material, and signing-up cost for training. The exam costs USD 300, exclusive of tax, or you can use Cisco Learning Credits. Based on what areas you choose to focus on, you will need to find the right books. And lastly, the training, which helps immensely in qualifying the exam.

Cisco offers training on Implementing and Administering Cisco Solutions in various formats including, e-learning, classroom training, private group training, and digital subscription, which costs approximately around USD 800.

Or you can opt for Cisco certification courses and CCNA training by Vinsys to help you prepare for installing, operating, configuring, and verifying basic IPv4 and IPv6 networks, thus enabling you to ace the CCNA certification exam.

Notably, the certification is valid for 3 years, post which the candidate can either pass a qualifying exam or earn 30 continuing education credits for the recertification.

Why put in time, money, & efforts for CCNA certification

As can be seen, opting for Cisco networking course can costly and time-consuming, so why go for it? The answer is simple. To add weightage to your resume and get a higher salary.

In recent years, the world has seen a disruptive digital transformation, with IT infrastructure virtualizing and shifting to cloud platforms. Though there have been impressive advancements IT domain, having a strong foundation in networking with core knowledge is the first step to climbing up the ladder to higher-level networking positions.

According to reliable sources, the average annual salary for the networking professionals in the U.S. as of June 2021 is as follows:

·         IT Support Specialist – USD 53,051

·         Network Specialist – USD 64,430

·         Network Administrator – USD 69,243

·         Network Engineer – USD 85,822

·         Senior Network Engineer – USD 116,165

Hence, all your time, money, and energy are nicely rewarded once you obtain the CCNA certification, and further opens the gates for lucrative opportunities in the future, making you a preferred candidate among the organizations.

How to ace CCNA certification exam

Now that you are convinced to take on CCNA journey, the next step is to decide on the study material/training and scheduling the exam. The ideal timeframe for taking the exam is within the next six months. You will need to allocate time for studying and managing other engagements. Here is how you can make the most of your CCNA journey:

·         Review: Go through the exam topics to know what is your forte and which areas require focus.

·         Theory & Practical: Choose a CCNA course online or opt for an offline course, based upon your judgement of what will work best for you. Make sure the course offers theoretical as well as practical knowledge.

·         Be a part of Community: If possible, be a part of Cisco community. You can take the Cisco Learning Network membership which provides you access to free study material, training videos, attend webinars, join discussions, and ask technical questions.

·         Practice: Make sure to test your knowledge and preparation by taking practice tests. This will help you identify the areas which need extra effort. Also, strengthen your practical skills with learning labs, modeling labs, and packet tracer by Cisco.

·         Schedule the Test: Decide upon the date when you want to take the exam and select the format, online or in-person. Tie your shoes and give your best.

·         Status: Log in to the Certification Tracking portal to check your certification status.

Celebrate your success, and update your resume and professional profiles with the latest earned CCNA certification. See the opportunities pour in.

If you are ready to bolster your career and looking for CCNA training to make the learning curve smooth, then Vinsys is here looking out for you with CCNA course online. Let us help you bring out the true potential in you!

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