How To Cope With Emotional Distress Caused By Canceled Flights

Several countries have banned flights to keep the pandemic from spreading further. However, the passengers who had to face delays and cancellations suffered from severe mental and emotional distress. Even with all the video calling apps available online, it is never easy being away from your loved ones for long. Use NEEO Messenger to contact your airline and travel destination for the most recent travel advice. Many airlines and travel destinations have come up with a list of safety measures for keeping the pandemic at bay. However, even if you do miss out on a flight, you shouldn't feel hopeless. Your loved ones, no matter how disappointed they are, will be able to understand why you couldn't make it. Instead of feeling bad about the circumstances, use your free chat app to talk to them.

  1. Show affection via messages:

Messaging is easy and convenient, no matter where you are. You must be longing to get back to your spouse and give her a big hug. But when a flight gets canceled, the world suddenly feels cold and harsh. Don't let the sudden change of circumstances lead to a sudden change of heart. Use your free chat app to send a heartfelt message to your partner right away! Let her know how much you miss her and how upset you are that you won't be able to meet this time. A personalized message is better than a call when you are sitting or standing amongst a crowd of people. You can also use NEEO’s exciting range of stickers for expressing yourself in a fun and light-hearted way.

  • Call to make sure all is well:

There are probably several reasons why it was essential for you to meet your family. Someone might be ill and in need of assistance, both physical and emotional. Even though you can't make it physically, you can still make sure that your family member is taken care of properly. Stay in touch with your loved one and the primary caretaker via a video calling app. Call after every few hours to make sure the patient is getting proper medication and on time. When you conduct a video call, it helps you see the condition of the patient. And if the patient can see you, it will automatically make them feel better.

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  • Share every moment with a picture or video:

Generally, people only share happy moments with friends and family, but life is full of highs and lows. And when you're away from your loved ones, you want to share every moment of your life with them. Take pictures of yourself daily, while eating, while working, even before you sleep and when you wake up. Ask your loved ones to send you their snaps too. This way, you get to experience the moments as if you were there with them. And whenever you miss your loved ones, you can take a look at their pictures.

  • Post old memories on social media:

Many people go abroad for educational or professional purposes. It is a choice people make, even if it comes at the cost of leaving your loved ones behind for prolonged periods. Your loved ones might not show it, but there’s always someone who secretly wishes you had stayed with them. When you go to a new place, never forget the people who truly matter, regardless of how busy you get. Search for old pictures that you took with your loved ones when you were with them. Put them up on your social media wall to let them know how much they mean to you. Sometime people cant understand the native language of other people. Text and voice translator app can help them to communicate with other people. Its a easy way of communication.

  • Share videos with your loved ones:

While photographs can capture the essence of the moment, videos can record an event exactly as it was. Record a birthday wish for your best friend if you can't be there for her. Light some candles and sing her a melodious song. You don't want her to feel sad while missing you on her special day. Ask her to make a video of her party and send it to you. This way your friend will know how badly you wanted to be there with her. Make videos whenever you attend a special event or see a beautiful place and post it on your wall, or send it to your loved ones via NEEO’s IM feature. It's quite a challenge dealing with canceled flights, especially when you have to travel for an important event and you end up missing the event. But ask your friends to help you attend the event virtually via a video calling app. With NEEO Messenger's HD calling feature, you can make crystal clear calls. Also, four people can be part of the video call simultaneously using this free chat app. Don't feel bad if you can't physically be there for your loved ones. Try to stay connected in heart, mind, and soul.

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