Why Do Celebrities Rely On Social Media Apps?

Celebrities use social media apps for interaction with friends and family just like other normal people. But they generally use their video calling apps, like NEEO Messenger, to create two types of accounts, personal and professional. They use their professional account to market themselves. They put up pictures, videos, songs and trailers from all their latest and upcoming projects. By using chat messenger apps, they can stay in touch with their fans. They often hire agents to manage their professional accounts and look forward to feedback from their fans. Celebrities can gain fame faster by using social media apps.

1.     Greater outreach:

Celebrities get to interact on a personal level with their fans on their social media fan pages. They often use several different apps to increase their number of followers. Celebrities can strengthen their image by using social media apps. The greater the number of video calling apps they use, the greater their outreach. Fans can openly express admiration for their favorite celebrities and even expect a response from them occasionally. Fans all over the world can connect with their favorite celebrities using social media apps.

2.     Feedback from fans:

Usually when a movie is released, unless it’s a block buster, people forget about it in a few days. But by using social media celebrities can extend their publicity time for each movie or program they produce. By putting up posts related to their latest projects they can stay in the public eye for longer. They can even gain attention by asking questions regarding their movies or programs from fans. Pre-project publicity is also a common way of staying in the limelight. By posting teasers and trailers on their social media walls they stir up interest in the audience. Some of the fans are from other countries so there is a chance of language barrier. To communicate with foreign friends the need a text & voice translator app

3.     Uploading personal pictures/videos:

If a celebrity isn’t producing any work they can still remain popular by letting their fans know how they are spending their time. Many celebrities get people to make videos of them while they’re spending time with family. This way their fans get to see that celebrities are normal, feeling and loving human beings, just like them. As a result they gain more love and loyalty from their fans. Die-hard fans want to know about every detail related to their favorite stars. They want to keep track of what their favorite celebrities are up to, what they eat, what they drink, which pets they have etc.

4.     Damage control:

One of the disadvantages of being famous is that there’s paparazzi following you everywhere. We make a lot of silly mistakes in our lives but we keep them to ourselves to avoid being judged. Celebrities, on the other hand, have to struggle to keep certain matters private. We have the luxury to indulge in mood swings, but celebrities have to look good and act calm all the time. Emotional outbursts, if caught on camera, can be detrimental to their careers. But they are human beings after all and they tend to err. But by using social media apps they can cover up for their blunders somehow and win their fan loyalty back.

5.     Side jobs and interests:

Celebrities often have a lot more going on in their lives aside from their main job. They often have their own clothing lines and perfume brands. They have interests outside their job which help them make a lot of money. But they need a platform to publicize all the activities they participate in. By using Chat messenger apps they can create social media profiles for their brands. These profiles attract a separate lot of people, most commonly the elitists who can afford expensive brands. Celebrities can choose to keep some of their profiles exclusive in order to generate more interest among fans.

6.     Special hired agents:

Celebrities mostly do not have time to handle their social media accounts so they hire agents. Social media managers/agents are responsible for keeping the profile up-to-date. It’s their job to put up fresh content regularly so the followers stay satisfied with their favorite stars. And it doesn’t take much to entertain the fans. Just one picture, each day, from the life of a celebrity, is enough to make their hearts melt!

Chat messenger apps have become nothing less than a necessity in the present times. Celebrities, who were once unapproachable can now be found and contacted via social media platforms. NEEO Messenger, a video calling app, has a feature called NEEO Social. You can look for your favorite celebrities using this feature. You can even become a social media celebrity over night by making your own profile attractive. 

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