Yoga Teacher Training In India - Perspectives, And Opportunities

People often lose their stillness, it could be a bad day or a week, we all have been through different phases of life that are both good and bad. There’s always a point for the moderate section who wanted to quit everything and embark on the spiritual journey. Precisely, there’s always a point for larger section who want to balance their workstyle and maintain mental stillness by doing Yoga.

Yoga retreats in India help people to come out of their zones to restore a balanced lifestyle with yoga and spiritualness. Now, yoga and spiritualness are distinctively different in the long run but Yoga lifts up the spirits of subjects with asanas and meditation. A yoga retreat institute is not about booking a hotel to have a vacation. It is a place where you dive deep into the subject consistently which you cannot be done on a mat at your comfort. The beginning is the birth of something. The retreat is a space for you to watch, learn, follow and discover the philosophical idea above doing practices.

Eyeing from numerous perspectives, here are the five essential things to consider when choosing a package for yoga retreats, especially in India.

1.   Tutor or Teacher

There’s no point of learning something so core that runs in almost all the Indian’s bloodline without a teacher. It’s equally important to know about the teacher as much as the ashram and institute. Yoga retreat in India is home to thousands of qualified teachers who have been training from decades under their teachers till today! The practise is something you cannot be done in a period, you start and it’ll become a part of your body activity.

2. Location

Location is something you need to think at the very beginnnig while formulating the plan. India is widely known for it’s Yogic culture all over the stretch and we even called as the capital of yoga for world. Yoga retreat in goa is one fine place to consider to learn. From scenic beauties to ethinic landscape, goa is known for it’s aesthetic. Also, beyond the beauty, goa is well known for better connections with passing cultures.

3.  Central theme

Exploration is great but understanding the concept to core is when you root to it completely. There are schools who feeds you with ton of content but there are very few who’ll help in the actual transformation one needs. If a teacher is the root of concept, people and place are branches who’ll engage you with the maximum support.  Don’t let the idea of learning Yoga poise you with false promises.

4. Duration hours

Although, it depends on your ability to dedicate and learn, a 200 hour teacher training helps you to become one among the community. The 500 hour is something you’ll continue even after becoming one,  a practice of acknowledging with open arms to indulge more.

5.  Nutrition and health

Food is the essential for all the activities. The nutrition we intake is what drives us with more concentration. Not to mention, yoga is ideally different from other practices, the nutrition supply is always skeptical to choose. Yoga retreats at goa in India promises you with the ideal nutrition and keeps you healthy and fit all the time. 

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