5 Tips For Choosing The Best Prima Series Frameless Pivot Shower Doors Hinges

There are many shower door styles that you can choose from pivot frameless shower doors to framed glass shower doors. Both give you benefits and advantages and are only designed to complement your bathroom. But to make them work smoothly and ensure low-stress you must install prima hinges that are number one trending material right now.

If you are still stuck and confused about what type of shower door will compliment the hinges then you must take a look at those important tips which will make your mind clear quickly to make a decision.

  1. Select the right glass
  2. Select the right hardware
  3. Measure the shower door accurately
  4. Pick an appropriate finish for the door
  5. Set a budget

1) Select the right glass:

The glass option can give you an entire view of the room and helps to create an optical illusion for small bathrooms to make them look larger. 

For privacy, you can choose frosted glass intricate with glacier patterns that provide soothing experience while using a shower. 

You can also go for smoked bronze glass which offers a classic appearance for shower doors.

2) Select the right hardware:

After you have decided on a glass then the next thing you need to decide is the right hardware. You can choose from material like aluminum and brass and match with fixtures in the bathroom.

Just make sure the hardware for the pivot glass shower door makes the bathroom look even more beautiful. Also, check moveable parts are of high quality to ensure hinges will work fine.

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3) Measure the shower door accurately:

Once you have chosen the glass type, door type, and hardware it is time to come to the most crucial part to measure the shower enclosure. You can call a professional for measurement, or you can do it yourself by measuring the height and width for door opening with accuracy.

This applies for both top and bottom to see the difference in measurements if you are installing Prima hinges for pivot shower doors.

4) Pick an appropriate finish for the door:

You can choose various finishes for frameless shower doors depending on the model you own. There is an option between an ultra chore and simple chrome, you can also go for polished or brushed stainless and oil rubbed bright or bronze glass for finishing.

5) Set a budget:

From the very beginning you can expect to spend many hundreds of dollars for a new shower door. For a genuine, high quality frameless pivot shower door prima hinges your budget should be around $600 to $1200 price range.

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