Automation Benefits In SEMICONDUCTOR Industry

Automation in factory is an important decision to be taken at management level.

The level of automation at any fab depends on several factors, but primarily the volume in wafer starts or outs, age of equipment, complexity of process, etc. The other main aspect to fab automation lies with the kind of experience and technological maturity of the manufacturer. Setups with longer exposure to IC manufacturing and skilled manpower are more prepared and adaptable to integrate automation solutions within their fabs and various production sites. This may include systems for Automated Material Handling, Planning , Simulation, Manufacturing Execution Systems, which include production dispatching and scheduling system and also Advanced Process Control systems and so on.

Basic automation includes preventing wrong recipe errors by the technicians by automating recipe selection through GEM/SECS. Advanced fabs have far more automation done which includes Fault Detection and Classification (FDC), Yield Management software, Recipe Management System, Automated Material Handling System (AMHS), to name a few.

Semiconductor manufacturing is undoubtedly the most complex manufacturing environments. Reasons for this being strict production processes, reentrant process flows, complex expensive equipments, variable demand, high levels of automation and an huge pull of data. Yet, despite having various challenges, semiconductor manufacturing is a key industry in many industrialized nations and contributes substantially, both directly and to the global economy. With the entry of highly automated wafer fabrication facilities (fabs), there is a industry trend to extend the traditional automation scope to integrate with advanced technologies.

Semiconductor technology grows very fast and thus there is a strong positive force to increase productivity using the existing assests . And this positive force has lead to the need of full automation to increase the existing productive. In fab automation, technological upgrades have to be taken into considerations on continuous bases.

We provide factory automation solutions, systems integration and consulting services to wafer fabs, assembly and test facilities across the globe.

We offer various products for FABS and ASSEMBLY facilities.

eInnoSys is a pure automation company for semiconductor and other related industries such as PV (solar), MEMS, Flat Panel Display (FPD), LED and other such electronics industries. We serve Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and factories – Fabs, ATMs (Assembly Test Manufacturing). We are a customer focused  and solution oriented company, offering automation products as well as custom automation solutions for OEMs and factories.

We consider ourselves as technical partners of our customers and not just software or automation solution providers who would build systems as per customer requirements. In addition to great automation software, we provide valuable insights to our customer based on our vast experience and ensure that we create the most customer value through our services.

Here is how EINNOSYS can help to give most effective automation solutions which takes care of all the challenges in implementing Automation. In our experience, most fab automation systems have an ROI of less than 1 year, so they pay for themselves in a very short period of time.

Our Fab Automation solutions include:

Yield management software

Cycle time Improvement

Improving OEE/Throughput

Advanced Process Control (APC)

Fault Detection & Classification (FDC)

Saving Manufacturing Cost

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